monthly summer kite-flying afternoon

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There is scope for the city to hold  a monthly kite-flying  afternoon, over the summer months in a suitable large city greenspace  (perhaps Turnbull Thompson Park) on a Sunday afternoon.    To bring together community, and provide family friendly activities, particularly for men and boys., and for those who dont otherwise have transport or access to out of town recreastion.    Kite flying is part of very  many cultures overseas   -chinese, asian, middle east.   eg every weekend in Kuala Lumpar residents flock to local parks to fly kites.    Kites are beautiful and colourful and fun.   And connecting for the community.   As well as purchasing kites,  kites can be made for a few dollars- polythene and sticks are all that are required- and volunteers could be there with simple materials to help children make their own, or have a few kites to loan until the concept gets off the ground….  ..With the mix of cultures here in Invercargill, this concept is capable of ‘getting off the ground” and being popular .  eg harness the chinese community , and organise this with the advice of the Invercargill’s Multi- Cultural Council, SIT, and other Community Croups  (perhaps the south city and glengarry community groups)  who can promote the concept amongst their members.

All that is required is to identify a suitable large greenfield, free of trees, and to promote the concept.      Let it happen of its own accord by harnessing those who  enjoy kite flying- and those people who enjoy seeing kites being flown!!

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