Re Build The Cheeky Llama

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This is a great cafe in a glorious setting. Some days it is full. A bigger facility would serve its growing popularity. Tastefully done in keeping with its park setting… Maybe a waterfall to add tranquility..a blend of inside and protected outdoor spacesĀ . Let the architects go to work.

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  1. Lin ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    I would love to see an Inflatable World in Invercargill and the park would be a great place. Australia have so many great park attractions for children. The Australian parks are absolutely brilliant. I have lived here for a long time and brought my children up here and the park or the cheeky Llama have not changed in 35 years oooh sorry we now have a hamster wheel for the grandchildren. So dangerous. My overseas grandchildren wouldn’t return here because it is so dull for children of all ages unless you are in to sport. I would love to open an inflatable world or similar indoor entertainment for children.We are in a wet area and its windy and horrible here, please let some light into the world of children before they leave ever to return. Even an indoor park with slides and swings and a roller skating rink, something to pump the life blood back into this place. Yes the Cheeky Llama is well overdue for a refurbish

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