Remove paid parking to encourage customer emgagement

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After two months of living in Invercargill I have still not paid for parking and never will. I use the Pak-n-save or Warehouse carpark. As such I have not yet explored the inner city stores.

Paid parking in the city centre is driving business further out and as such the ‘heart’ of this beautiful region is being restricted.

  • Get rid of the paid parking.
  • Give the existing businesses their customers parking back.
  • Encourage small business into town with easier customer access.
  • Researgh the Set intelligent time limits to encourage customer flow.
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  1. KJS ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    While Free Parking does sound great, compared to other city’s Invercargill’s parking is not overly expensive.
    Even the Invercargill parking fine can be the equivalent to basic parking in Wellington or Auckland.
    I agree that some meters should allow for longer parking times and more payment options would make life a lot easier for those that don’t always carry coins. Another Car parking building like the one behind the Library or the H&J’s one that is central for CBD employees to use may free up some of the space they are currently using.

  2. Russell ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have to disagree. Free parking does not mean unlimited parking time. A mix of very short term (15min and under), medium term (30 to 60 min) and long term (1hr to maybe 2hours max). There are many many models for these types of parking applications and their merits.

    Also, I grant you that some employees will use the street parking. They will need to move their car quite often to dodge a parking infringement. This would need to be coupled with a look at the parking times in the surrounding streets too and potentially another long term parking facility.

    Increasing foot traffic is a primary need for the inner city. The easiest and fastest way is to get people into the city. What other way makes it easier than letting people park where they need without having to pay for the privilege of going to town. Wouldn’t it be an advantage to have department stores, major retailers etc once again looking at multi storey, city centre tenancies instead of pushing further out and building new structures instead of upgrading old?

  3. CamInvers ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I agree that we need parking reform but I’m not sure free is the way to go as it can cause more parking congestion as people who live or work in the CBD will park in the prime parking spots for whole days or perhaps multiple days meaning that none of the premium parking spots (Esk St, Tay St etc.) will become available for people just coming in for a casual shop. I think they still need to be paid but increase the upper limit of the parking meters to a couple hours and make it easier to pay using txt-to-park (the system they have in Dunedin) or some sort of app or card usage as cash is becoming more obsolete.

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