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If the  Bluff  water- front’s  marina /scenic route road area , was upgraded to a marina /parkland  , with sheltered picnic areas /BBQ,s and playground areas… (on the adjacent wasteland -alongside the road) .  This along with an upgraded old- wharf facility ,  for families and tourists to fish from… would contribute immensely  to enhancing the waterfront’s lost seascape beauty and revitalise the whole downtown area into a picturesque tourist attraction  .     The accompanying  removal of the empty eyesore petroleum oil storage tanks ..which block the seascape vista would also help restore Bluff to it’s natural beauty…which is sorely needed if we are to attract touists  back to the Oyster  festival  and to visit Bluff’s other points of interest while here…( or to create new interest in coming south  at all  !)        As a ” lands end” tourist destination ,  I think it is in the ICC’s  interest to contribute funding toward a significant upgrade of  Bluff’s water-front potential , as this in turn has spin offs for Invercargill’s businesses and accomodation  sectors , who rely on the tourist dollar and would inturn help our own tourist potential and CBD upgrade !!

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  1. Curtis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This would be a great idea. However I think we need the oil storage tanks to supply petrol to the south. Unless they could be moved elsewhere hidden away. I always thought however they could be perfect for artwork. Would be awesome to see a few artists make them look beautiful.

  2. cherrybelle ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Does anyone read these comments ? Like to think that posters are giving their time on thoughts to improve their city someone of significance should read them, or is it lets make the ratepayers feel good website…Do like everyones imput though..

    1. imagine-invers says:

      Hi cherrybelle! I can confirm we read these and that they form part of a report to the Councillors to help them decide on future projects. Thanks for your comments.

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