Smoke free.

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I want all NON Smoking New Zealanders (especially me) to have the right to walk in public without having to put up with the cancer causing byproducts of smokers. Second hand smoke kills, yet most people in NZ are forced to walk through second hand smoke as they walk the streets of every city and town. Sure, smokers have the right to smoke, but why do they have the right to force their smoke on others, which is effectively what happens. Try walking into the Invercargill Public Library, or into the South City Mall and see how much smoke you have to walk through to get into these places.

Cities like San Francisco made this decision years ago, and it’s a pleasure to walk their streets. No NZ town or city has yet had the “balls” to make their places smoke free for their citizens. When the focus is on NZ becoming “Smoke Free” by 2025, it’s actually gutless for councils not to start to enforce this issue. San Francisco has an instant fine system, why can’t we.

The cigarette smoke I accidentally inhale while I’m walking your streets is not just a smell, it’s foul, and the only way I can avoid this at present is to hold my breath as I pass smokers on the sidewalk.

What part of  “This is disgusting” don’t you get.

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